Cleanliness inside the building begins with ensuring the cleanliness of the surrounding area.

"Arni" uses the most modern equipment, chemicals, supplies and modern cleaning equipment (vacuum cleaners, snow tools, tractors, vehicles for the disposal of solid waste) for cleaning the outside areas.

For cleaning the interior spaces the following machines are used:

  • Multifunctional cleaning trolleys with functional hand tools, appliances, sponges and fabrics made of microfibres.
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Grinding and polishing machines
  • The most effective detergents and disinfectants

"ARNI" has considerable experience in servicing medical institutions in various fields.
Our permanent staff of technicians and supervisors allows us to offer our clients the necessary maintenance schedule at their sites (from morning support to round-the-clock).

The staff of “ARNI” is trained on relevant procedures at the "ARNI" training center. All employees are certified and highly qualified to provide services professionally and responsibly.

The cleaning of hospitals in the 21st century, includes some elements of the old methods, however there are radical differences due to materials used, both in quality (the use of dust-free sponges), and on the impact on the staff, patients and the environment.

The quality control system for the cleaning activity and subsequent monitoring provides "ARNI" with an impeccable reputation and leadership in the Russian market.

“ARNI”’s Training System allows employees and specialized hospital specialists to constantly maintain the highest level of knowledge and skills.

Remember 75% of illnesses related to hospital infections could be prevented with the help of modern cleaning technologies. The experts of "ARNI" will gladly come to your aid!


  • Cleaning of the territory
  • Cleaning of interior spaces (halls, dressing rooms, reception, registries, administrative premises; sanitizing operating rooms, doctors' offices, chambers, bathrooms - floors, walls, furniture, etc.)
  • Cleaning of facades
  • Window cleaning
  • Cleaning of roofs from snow and ice
  • Polishing of marble and granite
  • Thorough washing of floors
  • Dry-cleaning of carpets
  • Crystallization of marble