«ARNI» provides full maintenance of buildings and facilities, Operation of engineering systems for buildings and structures.

«ARNI» serves facilities with the help of permanent staff of engineers and technicians. Also, our staff provides an opportunity to service small facilities with the help of mobile teams. For possible emergency cases there is an organized round-the-clock dispatching service.
The qualification and number of technical staff allows us to serve facilities equipped with the most sophisticated engineering systems.

The «ARNI» staff is trained on relevant procedures at the «ARNI» training center. All employees are certified and highly qualified to provide maintenance services professionally and responsibly. The company has all necessary licenses and certificates.

«ARNI» uses professional tools for maintenance, has the necessary accessories, consumables, equipment, instrumentation. If necessary repairs can be made.


Maintenance of hospital engineering systems: maintenance of the efficiency of electrical, water, heating, lighting, ventilation and air conditioning systems; installation, setup and adjustment of air conditioners, split systems and other technical equipment, including a guaranteed uninterrupted power supply.