One of the major tasks of any medical institution is to maintain the sterility of medical instruments. This is quite a difficult task, particularly when it comes to expensive heat-labile equipment and tools from different types of materials (endoscopes, probes, equipment for anesthesia, respiratory therapy and microsurgery, catheters, surgical telescopes, ophthalmic and dental instruments, implants, and electronics etc.).

The use of traditional methods of sterilization such as autoclaving can cause serious damage to such instruments and therefore increase costs. This can be solved by using the world accepted practice of low-temperature gas ethylene oxide sterilizers.

The American firm Andersen Sterilizers, Inc. has produced ethylene oxide sterilizers for over 50 years. Their latest development – is the desktop model of EOGas A-4000, which combines a sterilizer and an aerator while reducing the time of a complete cycle to 3h 30min, and thanks to its small size and easy installation, can be installed in any health care facility. The sterilization temperature is + 50º C (standard mode), but for particularly sensitive equipment has an additional special mode at + 30º C.

Sterilizers of Andersen Sterilizers, Inc. are registered by Ministry of Health as medical devices, have GOST (National State Standard) R Certificate, and have been successfully tested in hospitals in Moscow, Samara, Belgorod; they are successfully used in many Russian regions.

«ARNI»’s partner is JSC «STEP», Moscow - the official distributor of ANDERSEN STERILIZERS, Inc. / USA / in Russia and the CIS, and officially authorized to install and maintain this equipment.